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Try this video here first.
(05-02-2021, 09:42 AM)Simon D Wrote: Hi Skeletor (thank you for allowing me to type that),

The TV playing to both is not easily done natively, there would also be no real benefit and the downsides would be enormous. However, if you did want to do it wired would be easiest, if its a newer TV that supports wifi then an audiocast m5 on the A70 might work, I personally have never got Wifi audio from a TV to work (usually restricted to the TV's own brand).

Again going via Bluetooth I doubt you can play music through both, Wifi/an audiocast for the A70 is a much better bet.

As for the Alexa we get this one a lot. It's not as intuitive with the Alexa app as it should be.

In essence you need to drill down the device list, basically the Bluetooth device list Alexa "pushes" you to is actually for the phone and not the echo. If you select your echo dot, then devices, then speakers at that point another Bluetooth device list becomes available and you will see the E30 and/or A70 there..

</p><p><br></p><p>Thanks for the clarification Simon. I’ve managed to connect via the lower level list on the echo so that’s all good now. Sounds like I’m best to continue enjoy my A70 stand-alone with the TV then using the E30 as a more portable option. Am hugely satisfied with both fantastic products, especially the bamboo E30 which is just beautifully designed</p>