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Studio quality compact speaker with Airsound technology. With multiroom Wi-Fi, wireless charging and USB-C faster charging, the DOCK E30 is a powerhouse of technology that looks, feels and sounds superb.
NZD $799.99
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Airsound™ technology,
next generation audio

Ground breaking audio technology; Airsound delivers high-fidelity spatial sound no matter where you are. Using side-firing speakers and a unique patented audio process, Airsound fills the room with perfect, studio quality stereo sound.

Patented side-firing Airsound speakers
Custom-designed 'HALO' bass radiators

Docking groove

The unique docking grooves makes the DOCK E30 an essential part of daily life. Its calculated design means almost any device can slide effortlessly into the groove.

Wireless charging + USB-C

The DOCK E30 is designed to become the hub of your home. Wirelessly charge your compatible devices, such as the iPhone X or Galaxy S8, all while using the high performance USB-C port to charge your other gadgets.

Airsound multiroom

Our easy to use Wi-Fi technology is carefully integrated into our products, allowing seamless delivery from multiple streaming sources.

Using this technology, Airsound is able to create a high fidelity soundfield across multiple rooms.

Seamless streaming

Our app provides consistent, uninterrupted music playback over Wi-Fi. Choose from Spotify Connect, TuneIn radio, Apple Music and more.


SUB S4 wireless subwoofer

Take sound to the next level with this formidable addition to the DOCK E30. This powerful subwoofer will enrich and deepen the bass of your system, creating an impeccably rich and satisfying audio experience.

Bass you can feel

Subtle in appearance and striking in sound, the wireless SUB S4 is designed to blend into any environment. The SUB takes care of the lowest frequencies, leaving the DOCK E30 to take care of the mid and high range frequencies.

It's the little things that count

Removable grille

The grille is designed to be swapped easily with hidden magnets, allowing you to personalise the look of your DOCK E30. More grille options coming soon.


The DOCK E30 is designed to use as little power as possible. When no sound is playing, it will shut down components that are not in use, and automatically spring back to life when needed.

Remote learning

The DOCK E30's volume can be adjusted with almost any infrared remote, minimising the need for additional remotes.

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Technical specs

Docking groove to hold phone/tablet devices
Qi wireless charging
High performance USB-C charging port
Integrated multiroom Wi-Fi
Optional wireless subwoofer
Removable magnetic grille
Remote control learning for Vol +/-
In the box
International Power supply
Remote control with CR2032 battery
Removable grille
User guide
Safety and warranty guide
Freq response
+/- 3dB 70Hz - 17.5kHz
Response controls
LF: +/- 8dB level of HALO bass channel
HF: +/- 8dB @ 3KHz
Main: 1X48mm custom neodymium loudspeaker driver
Sub-bass: 3 x 90x60mm custom bass radiators
Airsound: 2X48mm custom neodymium loudspeaker drivers
W: 291mm
D: 150mm
H: 114mm
Bluetooth with AptX
Optical cable
3.5mm stereo jack

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NZD $799.99
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