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1 year warranty

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If you place an order on the Orbitsound website, it will be dispatched from our UK warehouse. If you require any support, please contact the Orbitsound UK office. Please be aware that if you return a product from outside the UK, you must do so at your own expense. Orbitsound may reimburse reasonable shipping charges for returns due to an in-warranty fault.


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British designed audio for life


At Orbitsound, we put audio first. Crafted from natural materials and acoustically designed with unique Airsound™ technology, our products redefine your audio experience every day.

Revolutionising audio technology

2-speaker stereo sound technology is flawed, and has not changed since the 1930s.

Our founder, Ted Fletcher has 60 years of experience in audio design. He invented patented Airsound™ technology that delivers an authentic stereo sound from a single unit, overcoming the problems of a stereo sweet spot and delivering a faithful sound for all listeners.

Discover Airsound

British design. Audio heritage. Airsound technology.

Passionate about audio and design, we design and make speakers that exclusively use our Airsound™ technology. Putting audio quality first, we use natural materials and purity in design to create the best sonic and user experience possible.

Founded in British recording studio history, our mission is to create speakers that that bring you closer to your music.


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