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Madden 22 - The Browns have played in two road games
<p><br><br>The Browns have played in two road games this year and both of them were determined by one score, thus I'm guessing that I can assume this one is going to be decided on a one-score basis.<br><br>The next thing he's likely to have to work in is how to win games in the pacific time zone, because that's something the Browns seem to struggle at. They're Browns have a record of 0-9 on their westward journeys on 10 occasions. Their one win came in 2012 (which was 27 years ago for them).<br><br>A QB with poor accuracy will be playing for the Browns for this game. After finishing 90.5 percent of his throws against the Texans in Week 2 Baker Mayfield has forgotten how to throw the ball. Mayfield has completed 53.1% of his passes over the past two weeks, throwing 30 incomplete passes (34 out of 64). Of those 30 , I'm sure that 29 of the missed passes were thrown directly over Odell Beckham's head in Sunday's game against Minnesota.<br><br>If you were watching the Chiefs game in Week 4, you might have noticed that they didn't make a punt throughout the game. As a matter of fact, the Chiefs won against Philadelphia was the fourth occasion in NFL history when a game ended with two teams playing together for ZERO punts.<br><br>Only reason I bring it up is that the Chiefs punter may be interested in going ahead and planning on taking off this week. Matt Haack, the Bills punter could be looking to get off for the day. There aren't many punts in the evening, given that this game features two of the most scoring NFL teams. Each of the Chiefs and Bills have scored 33.5 points per game this season that is tied for second in the league.</p><p><br></p><p>Want to learn more about Madden 22 Coins at<br></p&gt;