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My Favourite App/Player is not listed in the Orbitsound app?
Most Network capable players/Apps/Airplay/UpNP or DLNA apps/players such as Youtube, Play Music, Spotify etc. can see the Speakers once they have been set up/grouped using the Orbitsound app.

This means if you check the cast to/Airplay/Devices section in your app the speakers should be listed, once grouped they will play in Sync from any capable app. Some apps may be blocked from using any devices by manufacturer/brand design. At the moment some Apple, Google and Amazon players/apps/products would be the most common.

Some PC/MAC applications that use Airplay/can cast will be able to see them too, however additional setup may be required, ask for advice though iTunes, Quod Vadis and Foobar setup has been quite easy in most instances.
Simon D
Orbitsound Staff

[Image: orbitsound-sig-logo.png]