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Cant Connect my M9 wireless subwoofer to the soundbar.
Hi Peteypiper,

It sounds as though the sub does enter paring mode at times, I would then wonder if it is interference.

However it could be a fault in the sub itself.

It might be worth trying a sub drain pair, turn the sub off, push in the pin once the led is completely dimmed/after 20 seconds and with the pin in turn the dial all the way up, down, up and then leave it somewhere between normal and max and release the pin.

Leave the sub off depower the bar however for a minute or so, turn the bar back on and select aux and then hold power until it flips over to optical. Put the bar in pair mode by pushing and doing a countdown from 6 to 0. Then quickly put the sub back on and do the same.

Do a quick lightning press on both after 15-20 seconds.

If/when they then connect I would do at least three channel changes as well.
Simon D
Orbitsound Staff

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