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ERT Interview with Orbitsound's Daniel Fletcher
Originally posted over on the Orbitsound blog.

[Image: dan-fletcher-desktop.jpg]"Why do I get out of bed in the morning? Better sound"
- Daniel Fletcher, Managing Director of Orbitsound

In the most recent interview with ERT Magazine, MD and Product Designer, Daniel Fletcher speaks about getting back to the grassroots of Orbitsound and putting audio (firmly) first. Realising key brand values and a considered approach will lead Orbitsound to become more distinct in the market, and more highly recognised.

With his goal of making his father’s (Ted Fletcher’s) vision of making airSOUND™ technology change the way sound is heard everywhere, Daniel talks of pairing pioneering creativity with the solid foundations of a company that chooses to think like a small British business, and will not pretend to be a big multinational one.

The key to winning hearts across the audio industry, is presenting the market with fundamentally good quality products that make sense, work well and sound great. With a new ownership of the business since January 2015, Orbitsound is focusing more closely on product development as a core principle. Between offices in Victoria and Edinburgh, the close-knitted (and small) team concentrates on producing desirable, beautiful and game-changing sound solutions.

After being successful in the UK with strong sell-through in respected retailers such as John Lewis, DSG and Richer Sounds, the next big step for this British company is to now push for independent retailers and gradually expand into the European market.

Read the full article here