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Top Tips to Create the Best Movie Night
[Image: movie-1-desktop.jpg]
We’ve all been there, wanting to create that perfect cinematic experience within the comfort of our own homes. Orbitsound soundbars are an ideal complement to the demand for simplicity of setup and use, a clean aesthetic, minimal clutter, and above all – superb sound. Here is our list the top five tips to the art of creating the perfect movie night.

Choose your movie wisely

First and foremost, who are your guests? Pick something that’s going to sit well with them - there’s a world of entertainment accessible at our fingertips nowadays such as Netflix, Amazon and Sky Movies. From box sets to kid flicks to old classics, a wide choice of entertainment is available through your broadband connection. Always go for high definition playback as this will also improve the quality of soundtrack as well as the visual impact.

Ensure the setup is right

Classic surround sound setups were once popular, be it 5.1 or 7.1 arrangements. However, we know now that these only really work in a cinema since speakers get in the way of your living space and the best spot is right in the middle of the room. To avoid lots of components yet maintain unparalleled sound, an Orbitsound soundbar, especially the BAR A70, is a great answer, providing the immersive experience from a single box. Enjoy beautifully rich and stunning clarity, thanks to our airSOUND™ technology. Wherever seated, every audience member will hear the full soundtrack – even when viewing from one side of the speaker, away from the sweet spot.


In spacious abodes, laying out a straight line of armchairs for viewers is an obvious choice, with footrests to tempt even the most fidgety into a relaxed lull for hours. Some like bean bags, or just make sure you have a stack of floor pillows and blankets to hand. It doesn’t matter if you buy them, borrow them, or make them — just have something to make sure the floor-sitters feel loved.


Turn your phones off! Not only does it throw you off course, it also serves to provide scowls coming your way from anyone chewing their fingernails in anticipation of what’s dramatically unfolding. Not much beats a darkened atmosphere with colours haphazardly bouncing of the walls, wandering gazes adjusting to the spill from the screen. Orbitsound soundbars turned up will throw you right into the world of action if you like a thumping soundtrack to complement your viewing.


Chocolate and ice cream will always be a firm favourite over a movie, or sweets if that’s your thing. Healthier alternatives may be dips like humus with carrot or celery sticks, or sugar snap peas. A bowl of fruit is always welcome for guilt-free snacking. Cordials mixed with sparkling water are great for softer drinking. Ensure there is enough time to talk after the movie, you’ll want to catch up with everyone’s perspectives and check in with your guests. Remember to start your movie early enough so that people will have time to stick around when it’s over. Turn the lights on, bring more snacks out, refill people’s drinks and dive right in. If you’re nervous about keeping the conversation going, you can write down some starter questions beforehand.
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