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How to reset your Spaced360.
If you are having difficulty finding your Spaced360 through a Bluetooth device search, or can no longer connect to it, follow the steps below.

- Ensure your Spaced 360 is on.

- Locate 'Spaced360' in your device's Bluetooth list and click 'Forget this device'.

- Press and hold the + and - buttons on the Spaced360 for 14 seconds.

- Put the Spaced360 into pairing mode by holdin the centre button down for 3 seconds.

- Find 'Spaced360' on your device's Bluetooth list and click 'connect'
Luke W
Orbitsound Staff

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Spaced 360 charging can be accomplished on most spaced 360s using the Micro USB slot on the base of the speaker.

You may need to try a few cables and charging usually takes longer. There may also be no visual indication that charging is taking place.

An overnight charge should result in something from a completely discharged speaker though.
Simon D
Orbitsound Staff

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