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I can hear a lot of hiss, distortion or interference.
This is usually due to a low volume on your source device (or a device attached to it).

If you are using a TV then make sure you turn the TV/Headphone volume to at least 80%, if not 100%.

If you are using another device attached to the TV like a set top box and that also has a variable volume a similar issue can occur.

Again increasing that devices volume and the TV/first device volume is your best bet.

To best explain imagine three glasses of water, the first is your set top box (small glass), the second your TV (twice the size of glass one) and the third your soundbar (three times the size of glass one).

if glass a is 100% full and you poor it into glass two at 100% then glass three (the bar) has 100% volume.

If glass one and two are both at 50% glass three or your bar gets only about 50% volume, the rest is emptiness or hiss.

80% or above in glass three will sound great, anything less you are amplifying nothing.
Simon D
Orbitsound Staff

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