Poll: I use Bluetooth/Wireless with my T range by way of.....
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a sit in adapter
a plug in adapter
a chromecast or similar
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My T range bar and Bluetooth.
It is possible to get lightning or even Bluetooth adapters for our docks, however after testing quite a few available from both recognised brands and other more generic adapters we have found there to be a great disparity with how well/whether they will work. Even across the same make and model of adapter.
You can always hook an AUX cable up to the iPhone and dock or should you wish to go wireless I would suggest one of these Bluetooth adapters or a similar device.

This gives the added benefit of enabling you to charge your phone using the inbuilt USB on the adapter, which is one of the features we found problematic with the sit in adapters when they worked though not the only one we came across.

At one point certain retailers were offering a sit in Bluetooth adapter with our T range products that seemed to work well, however we do not have direct access to these and as they are not/were not directly sold by Orbitsound we would be unable to offer any as replacement or solution to any connection issue.

It may be worth investigating a Google Chromecast audio as this will include greater range and better functionality than Bluetooth.
Simon D
Orbitsound Staff

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