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Orbitsound V4 and V3 remote button/usage Guide
A handy guide for what all your V4 or V3 Orbitsound remote buttons do. The Orbitsound V4 and V3 remotes work with the following Orbitsound products:

T12v3, T9, SB60, SB60LX, M9, M9LX, M10, M10LX, M12, A60, A70, ONE P70, ONE P70W.

Incompatible Orbitsound products:

T12v1, T12,v2.

Non remote operable Orbitsound products:

T4, T6, Spaced360.

The V3 has two buttons next to each other at the top, the V4 has one single red button.

If your remote does not conform to either guide/picture post a picture here and we can advise.

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.pdf   v4 Remote Guide.pdf (Size: 576.66 KB / Downloads: 9)
.pdf   v3 Remote Guide.pdf (Size: 747.39 KB / Downloads: 6)
Simon D
Orbitsound Staff

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