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Remote wont respond sb60
My remote will not respond to by soundbox. My original remote wouldn't respond,  I have just  upgraded the remote to the newer version,  replaced with new batteries ( ensuring they're the right way ) but to no avail. 

I can fully operate the unit manually from the back and it gives out great sound, I just cant seem to operate with a remote control.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks, Simon
Hi Simon,

Can you use a phone/digital camera screen and see if any light is emitted from the remote when a button is pressed (invisible to the naked eye but visible on a camera/phone screen)?

Can you de power the SB60 overnight and try in the morning/after at least 12 hours?

Do you have a metal or cloth grille? If metal can you remove the grille and see if that makes a difference?

Can you see a small black "dome" near the LED on the Sb60?
Simon D
Orbitsound Staff

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