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Poor sound quality and lack of sound volume
I've had the SB60 3 years but recently poor sound quality and lack of volume have developed.
I've unpludgged it for more than 12 hours for a factory reset, checked the connection (0ptical cable) and checked the set-up (PCM, TV volume etc.)
SB 60 unplugged now as I'm using the TV speakers on a good Samsung TV, but it's not the same.
The only change in the last few months was Sky Q instead of Sky HD.
Any thoughts that can get me back to where I was?
Hi Roger,

The Sky Q box is truncating the gain/volume.  If the TV has a Headphone/AUX out then using that with the headphone volume set to 100% will help (alot).

If not running the optical directly from the Sky Q box is another option, but it means anything else on the TV/connected to it will not have sound running through the SB60.
Simon D
Orbitsound Staff

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Thanks, I'll have a go.