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Sub not connecting
My sub is not connecting but my spin at seems to be behaving slightly differently from other posts. When I switch the soundbar on the status light on the back briefly flashes and then goes out, I then press the On button on the top and the status light on the back again flashes for 1/4 of a second.  It then stays out. When I try to pair it I get no response on the red status light to suggest it’s entered pairing mode. I have tried a factory reset but that doesn’t resolve the pairing problem. I’ve removed run out of ideas, help please!
Hi Cnewhouse,

Its either that the wi-fi chip in the bar is failing startup due to heavy/excessive radio broad spectrum interference or due to an internal fault.

Can you try just the bar (leave the sub and anything else) on the other side of the house/as far away as you can and see if the light reacts any differently?

How old is the bar.

If you quick press (literally press and release) the sub, how does the light react? Also a long/six second press?
Simon D
Orbitsound Staff

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