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Alternative M Range wireless sub connection methods.
(23-07-2019, 04:07 PM)Simon D Wrote: Hi Chris,

Does sound like bad luck/something causing issues then.

Unless you have a great need for Wi-Fi/newer features the M9 is really worth keeping.

If you can get it to me in the London  office/drop in and see us I ca advise either way.

Hi Simon,

After leaving the sub for a few days, I decided to go back to it today and you never guess what, it now works.

Unlike previously, when switching on, the subs red light flashes a few times prior to pairing up successfully with the bar. What doesn't seem to work is the pairing button itself on the sub. 

I am wondering if the WiFi unit that is sat next to the bar is causing interference in the room, 

Anyway, appreciate your assistance with this and your prompt replies. If I do have any further issues I will be in touch.


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