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Testing whether your remote is working or not.
(14-02-2017, 12:09 PM)Luke W Wrote: When you want to test whether the remote is transmitting as signal you can do the following:

- Grab a smartphone with a front facing camera/Turn on a computer with a webcam installed.

- Point the remote at the camera like you would a TV remote to a TV.

- If you see a red light appear from the front of the remote, the remote should be working fine. If you do not see a red light, the remote is faulty.

I bought an M9 three months ago. It is connected to the Sony TV via a Sky Box. The TV sound has been set to go through the M9 rather than the TV. Problem I have is that different TV channels will have different sound output, so going from BBC 1 to Channel 5 blasts you out of the room! This means constantly having to increase or decrease the sound level. The remote does not seem to be receiving the signal very well as you can get it to react one minute but press constantly to no avail the next. This was so much so that the top layer of the remote buttons came off and Orbit sent me out a replacement which seems to be an updated model with a ridiculously stupid battery compartment which is impossible to open!!!!
The new remote has the same issues, one minute it works and the next not at all (no buttons work), so you end up having to get up and press the buttons on the main unit! Is this faulty or what? Please let me know whats causing that problem.
Can you also let me know if there is a way of levelling out the sound so that Im not constantly having to change the sound level in the first place?
Just so you know we have a similar set up in another room with a smaller Sony TV, sky box and an older Bose unit. Again the TV is set up to have the sound come via the Bose. Interestingly the channel sound is pretty consistent with no huge jumps between channels. Does it have an equaliser or something but the Orbitsound does not? Is this because the M9 is wireless and the Bose wired?
Id be grateful for all comments and help. Smile

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