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Working with TV but not with HDMI
Hi guys,

I have Orbit P70W and a Samsung TV (MU6400). The soundbar and tv are connected via an optical cable. I've learnt the soundbar to read Samsung's TV remote commands for sound up, down and turn on/off. this works great as long as I have Arial cable as the source of the picture.  

As soon as I select HDMI as the source (either virgin box or Apple TV) pressing volume up on Samsung's TV doesn't trigger any reaction on the soundbar. I really do not think that this is related to TV as the remote doesn't know what is the current source on the TV and the up command on it always sends the same code but it looks like that Orbit bar doesn't pick it up. If I use Obit's remote instead of tv's everything works 

Any clue?

thank you

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Working with TV but not with HDMI - by JamesP - 22-02-2020, 03:50 PM