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Remote learning- Panasonic TV
I have an issue with getting my new ONE A60 to learn the volume keys on my Panasonic remote, which is quite similar to the one shown in the tutorial. I managed to successfully get the A60 to recognize the key for vol+ and vol-, however I now find totally unrelated keys on my Panasonic remote are also altering the volume on the A60. These are commonly used keys like 1,0, return, enter etc. and make the remote unusable with the tv as they also change the volume on the A60! I have reset and retried but the same thing happens.
Hi Ytfg,

Panasonic use a non standard remote code, it will never work. If the TV has a universal remote function program that for any soundbar and then learn that ir code/the remote at that point, I would re learn the Orbitsound remote first.

Otherwise have a quick look on the Sky/Virgin remote threads to use one of those or try a Harmony or similar.
Simon D
Orbitsound Staff

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