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ONE P70 Remote Learning - Simon D - 16-03-2017

The ONE P70 can learn the vol + and - buttons on the control panel from most popular remotes.

If you are having issues with this process first take a look here.

- - MerryJoste - 27-03-2021

it might not be possible to translate these codes. It is not a problem of the tolerance. The problem is more that the codes change depending on how long you press the button.

The Dreambox remote is one of the few remotes where receiving / translating of the IR Codes will not be possible.

Please note that it is no problem to learn and send the codes.

You might try to learn a lot of different code for each button - however, you might need a lot of buttons.

Maybe a specific IR Receiver for short pulses might help here.


RE: ONE P70 Remote Learning - Cesspitty - 03-05-2021

Hi. I stupidly tried to program the p70 soundbar to turn on and off with my sky HD remote. Now when I press any other button on the sky remote it turns the soundbar on and off. I've tried a reset but this doesn't sort the problem. Any other solutions? Thanks Mark Pitt

RE: ONE P70 Remote Learning - Simon D - 04-05-2021

Hi Mark,

Start by relearning the original Orbitsound remote.

Once thats done and the Sky remote no longer affects the bar relearn the volume controls.

Power cannot be learned.