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Spaced360 Charger Base - Ding-Dong - 13-07-2018

I have a spaced360 speaker I've recently moved house and cannot find the charger base anywhere! ?
I've surfed the Internet everywhere I belive and can't find a base charger for sale anywhere.. 
I'm hoping someone will be able to help me find or know where I can get a charger from! 
Gutted! The speaker is sat there and I'm not able to use it! ?
Will appreciate any help! ?

RE: Spaced360 Charger Base - Simon D - 16-07-2018

Hi Ding-Dong,

We do have a very limited number of chargers available for those who have no charger/other recourse.

If you did/do have a charger we are happy to take a look at it/suggest an alternate solution if the charger is sent into us (EDIT: No longer possible.)
I shall send you a private message in any case.

RE: Spaced360 Charger Base - Simon D - 04-05-2020

Spaced 360 charging can be accomplished on most spaced 360s using the Micro USB slot on the base of the speaker.

You may need to try a few cables and charging usually takes longer. There may also be no visual indication that charging is taking place.

An overnight charge should result in something from a completely discharged speaker though.