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Orbitsound BAR A70 Teardown by Gadget Magazine

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Here at Orbitsound we strongly believe that ‘if it sounds right, it IS right’. We have 50 years of experience in the British audio industry but ultimately, our ears have the final say over what makes our speaker systems.

A speaker’s performance is mainly dependent on what goes on under the chassis, such as the type of speakers, where the speakers are situated, the amplifiers, and how they are driven. Gadget Magazine – a monthly technology magazine took a closer look at what’s goes on inside the sleek Orbitsound BAR A70. They tore it apart to demonstrate to their readers how the unique airSOUND technology is implemented and what makes this remarkable product.

They say:
“The Orbitsound BAR A70 introduces smart technology that utilises side-firing speakers to give bonus width to the sound the device creates. Basically meaning that you can get that full, satisfying array of sound, no matter where you (or the soundbar are situated).”

“Compact, powerful and impressively connectable, the Orbitsound BAR A70 is great all-round soundbar”


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