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Introducing Matthew Vowels

Here at Orbitsound, we constantly research and develop our audio technology. Meet Matthew Vowels, who is part of the acoustic engineering team, and lectures at Surrey University. Matthew is responsible for ensuring the performance of our speakers is outstanding, and that our products sound as good as they possibly can. He collaborates closely with the in-house designers throughout the product development process.

Matthew has been with the company for five years and was brought in originally to work on the award-winning M-range. He fully supports our acoustics-led mission to deliver airSOUND™ technology to all. Matthew enables Orbitsound to deliver a fantastic audio experience from attractive and intuitive products.

“Music has been my life since I was very young, but I’ve also always been technically minded. I trained on the Tonmeister course at the University of Surrey which fused the music and engineering disciplines. Continuing with this combined philosophy at Orbitsound, I’m able to design the acoustic platforms for our products with a truly ‘musical experience’ as the end-goal.

My day-to-day involves project management, that is, seeing the project through from initial conception all the way to the point at which they are shipped from the factory. The more audio-centric work involves loudspeaker driver design, box tuning and other acoustic and engineering related refinements.

Alongside the acoustic design work for Orbitsound, I also lecture second-year degree students in ‘Electroacoustics’ on the same course that I took as an undergraduate at Surrey. It’s great to work with the students and ‘expose’ them to the revolutionary technology that is airSOUND™.

In my spare time, I perform and record songs for my Youtube channel ‘Deep Milk Sessions’. The time I spend performing and recording helps to keep my ears well-tuned and my mind grounded in music. It’s really rewarding to listen to an Orbitsound product that I’ve worked on, either when working on my musical endeavours or just for the simple enjoyment of it. I think the pride for our work is shared by the whole Orbitsound team in this regard, and it’s refreshing to work as a team so unitedly focussed on designing products that we ourselves want in our homes.


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