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Four young men are breaking world records to raise awareness for depression and suicide. We’re making sure music will help them through their mission.

That’s why when then they leave on their voyage across the atlantic, an Orbitsound sound system will leave with them. Custom built by our very best audio experts, it will thrum, hum and push the team through every step of the challenge ahead.

You can encourage the boys from the shore. Choose a song of your choice and we’ll stream it to their boat.

How it works

1. Choose any song from Spotify

2. Leave a message for them to read as your song is played

3. Donate £2 or more

4. Leave knowing you've directly helped a great cause and motivated four young brave men with your music choice


A groundbreaking challenge motivated by a desire to get people talking about their mental health

The Challenge

The route is dubbed in rowing terms as the toughest race on the planet and spans just over 3000 miles from Gran Canaria to Nelson’s Dockyard English Harbour, Antigua. If successful this will be the first time in human history this particular route has ever been completed by pedal power alone.

The team is hoping to complete the journey in 30-50 days thus creating world records for the fastest pedalo, first four man pedalo, youngest pedaloers, first pedal powered crossing on this route and potentially the fastest man-powered crossing of the Atlantic.

To find out more visit their website:

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