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School Ground Sounds (SGS) is a registered charity on a mission to tackle inequality in music education and opportunity. Far too many young people miss out on the benefits of music-making, SGS wants to change this. Orbitsound are committed to supporting SGS in the UK.

Orbitsound's pledge

We at Orbitsound love what School Ground Sounds are doing. That's why we've decided to donate £1 every time an Orbitsound speaker is purchased through any of our sales channels. That means whether you purchase one of our products at a retailer or directly through us, you are helping to make a talented young musician's dreams come true.

In schools

SGS works closely with music departments in secondary schools from lower-income areas of London. SGS offers a free and exciting programme of recording studio experience, one-to-one mentoring, songwriting competitions and live performance opportunities.

Industry professionals

SGS volunteers include a team of industry professionals who are on hand to help with voice-coaching, technical skills and one-to-one mentoring. Using high-quality recording studios and an online platform, SGS develop and showcase young musicians and help to kick-start their musical journeys.

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