Better sound for all

Airsound™ delivers a full and compelling stereo image — exactly as the artist intended — to each listener wherever they are in the room.

This means that you hear music perfectly, regardless of positioning, and there is no need for a second speaker in order to enjoy authentic and accurate stereo sound.

Why Airsound?

Airsound combines the benefits of a single box mono speaker with the width and spatial depth of a two speaker stereo system, reducing the amount of speakers and cables required, while delivering a better sound to all.

Immersive sound for everyone

No matter where you are in the room, you hear the same high definition spatial sound, creating an immersive soundscape for everyone, equally.

Clear dialogue

Airsound produces crystal clear audio with more detailed vocals, ensuring you'll never miss a word of your favourite TV show.

One box solution

Airsound requires just a single unit to produce all the detail of stereo sound, without the hassle of setting up multiple speakers.

Next generation sound

The way sound is reproduced hasn’t really changed since 1930’s. Airsound is a clear step forward, allowing everyone to experience music exactly as the artist intended.

In the beginning there was


Invented in the 1870s, mono sound provides a lower definition of sound from a single unit to a large area.

Then there was


Invented in the 1930’s, stereo sound provides a higher definition of sound, but only to a very small area between the two speakers.

Now there is


Invented in 2005, Airsound provides a higher definition of sound from a single unit to a large listening area.

   —   Low definition sound

Sound with no width or spatial depth.

   —   High definition sound

Sound with width and spatial depth.

An experts guide

Airsound overcomes fundamental flaws of sound reproduction, delivering a consistant and true stereo image no matter where you are.

Learn how it works

The signal

First, we convert the audio from left + right into main + spatial. This gives us separate and complete control over the spatial (stereo) image.

Stereo = Left + Right

Recorded audio is split into two channels. Left + right, one for each ear.

Airsound = Main + Spatial

Airsound converts 'left + right' into 'main + spatial'. The Main channel contains all of the detail in the audio and the spatial channel is what places it in space.

The arrangement

We then use front and side speakers contained within a single box to reproduce the audio signal. Using a single box overcomes any delay in timing or change in volume; two fundamental flaws in multi-box setups.




The result

Together you get a stereo image from a single source. No matter where you are, you hear balanced audio with perfect timing — exactly as the artist intended.

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