I need help setting up my Orbitsound speaker

Use this page if you need help or advice on how to set up your Orbitsound speaker.

Where do I connect my speaker?

We recommend connecting your speaker directly to your TV. Your TV should have an audio output, usually an optical output and/or a headphone socket. Most of our speakers come with both types of cable so you should be able to get connected to your TV straight away.

My TV does not seem to have the right output

If you are unsure of how to connect to your TV, please contact our Orbitsound Support team and provide them with the following information:

  • Model number of your TV
  • Serial number of your Orbitsound speaker
  • Details for any other devices connected to your TV such as a Set top box, DVD Player or games console

You should be able to connect to your TV via the Digital Optical connection or the Aux connection.

Can I use Bluetooth with my soundbar or soundbase?

Our P, M and A series speakers have built in Bluetooth. Soundbases and T range soundbars do not have built in Bluetooth. However, you can connect a Bluetooth Adapter or Google Chromecast to allow this.

Some TVs may be able to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Can I use Wi-Fi to connect to my speaker?

Newer Orbitsound speakers have WiFi built in. The easiest way to check if your Orbitsound speaker has WiFi built in is by looking at the control panel on your speaker. If it shows 'WPS', then your speaker has WiFi built in. If it doesn't, your speaker does not have WiFi built in.

In order to set up Orbitsound WiFi, simply go to your app store, download the Orbitsound app and follow the instructions within the app.

I had an adapter that sits on my iPod dock, do you still supply these?

Previously we had a small dock adapter which worked by sitting on the iPod dock of some soundbars. Unfortunately this adapter is no longer available, though we do recommend a Bluetooth adapter or Google Chromecast for this purpose.

Can I use my soundbar with a surround sound DVD / Blu-ray player?

If your DVD or Blu-ray player is set to output audio via the scart/HDMI/optical connection or cable, then yes. In the unlikely case that your player is set to work ONLY with the supplied speakers, then you will not be able to use any other audio equipment with your DVD or Blu Ray player.

This article applies to the following products: DOCK E30, BAR A70, BAR A60, ONE P70W, ONE P70, BAR M9, BAR M9LX, BAR M10, BAR M10LX, BAR M12, BASE SB60, T12, T9, Orbitbar12

Did this article help?

If you're still having issues, why not try our newly launched forum? Our support advisors are on hand to help you out. Alternatively, contact our support team who will be happy to help. Please provide your soundbar serial number and your TV make and model number for a faster service.

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