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All-in-one high fidelity sound system for TV, Bluetooth and HiFi listening.
NZD $699.99

Single box solution

The ONE P70 matches quality audio with minimal design. This product focuses on delivering Airsound technology all from a single and unobtrusive unit. It contains a powerful integrated subwoofer, making it a compact one box solution.

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Airsound technology

The ONE P70 features side-firing Airsound speakers and front and top combined main speakers for true and seamless audio coverage horizontally and vertically. This creates a true stereo soundfield in all listening positions.

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Multiple orientations

The ONE P70 can be positioned in multiple orientations to suit any environment without compromising audio quality. It has been designed to be wall mounted, on a thin shelf or a flat surface. The display and badge are reversible to suit it's orientation.


The ONE P70 has Optical, Bluetooth and AUX connections so you can connect to almost anything. This includes TVs, mobile devices and multi-room receivers.

Remote learning

As well as receiving an Orbitsound remote control with the ONE P70, you can learn your infrared TV remote within seconds, eliminating the need to use two controls. You can teach your ONE P70 all essential functions.

Real bass

The ONE P70 features a custom designed internal mass loaded subwoofer in a tuned bass reflex enclosure, delivering a full and proper bass response.

Energy saving

The ONE P70 is designed to minimise power consumption and electricity bills. When no sound is playing, the ONE P70 will shut down components that are not in use, and automatically come to life when needed.

Think beyond the home

We designed the ONE P70 to be versatile. It’s simple design and easy operation makes it perfect for any situation including public and professional spaces.




Technical specs

Unique features
Remote control learning
Optical volume boost mode
Clear reversible LED information display
Integrated traditional wall mounting as well as 200mm VESA mounting bosses and bolts included
In the box
AUX cable
Remote control with CR2032 battery
Digital optical cable
Wall mounting kit
VESA hex head bolts
Reversible Orbitsound badge
Storage / protective sleeve
Quickstart guide
Safety and warranty guide
Freq response
+/- 3dB 58Hz - 17.5kHz
Response controls
LF: (subwoofer) +/- 8dB
HF: 10kHz +/- 10dB
Main: top and front 2" Orbitsound MK4 drivers
Sub-bass: low-profile 5.25" driver
Airsound: 2X2" Orbitsound MK4 drivers
W: 700mm
D: 173mm
H: 77mm
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