Orbitsound Goes Wireless With The New M Series

Award winning British audio technology brand, Orbitsound announces the new 'M' series wireless soundbars. Launching to market in March 2013, the 'M' series offers a host of new and improved features. With a wireless subwoofer, Bluetooth streaming and new control panel, the 'M' series significantly enhances TV and home-cinema audio from Flat screen TVs, and brings Orbitsound's patented 'spatial sound' technology to a wider audience.

Aesthetically similar to Orbitsound's 'T' series, the technical improvements in the 'M' series are significant. Replacing the integrated docking station of the 'T' series with Bluetooth streaming enables 'M' series users to connect phones, tablets and computers with built in Bluetooth technology to the soundbar. With Bluetooth buttons on both the remote control and soundbar and a 'grab' function which automatically plays the most recent media on a previously paired device at the touch of a button, the 'M' series integrates users' media through the soundbar for enhanced functionality and a great listening experience. The Bluetooth streaming allows users to pause and skip tracks with either the remote control or their connected Bluetooth device while the elegant new control panel enables users to effortlessly change sources.

A 2.4GHZ digital wireless active subwoofer upgrades the 'M' series from the passive devices used in the 'T' series. The subwoofer's bespoke wireless technology allows users to place the subwoofer several metres away from the soundbar or hide it out of sight. With a new subwoofer volume control on the back of the unit, users can fine tune the level of bass desired and then trim the amount of bass further with the remote control. As different rooms require different levels of bass power, these new features allow users to create the right sound balance without complex menus or moving the speaker.

The specially tailored wireless system features a customised high quality, low latency receiver with a delay of only 0.01 seconds, giving the 'M' series system a significantly smaller delay (or latency) than similar products on the market. This means the sound that comes from the subwoofer is in sync with the sound coming out of the soundbar, and the soundbar is in turn in sync with the video content on a connected TV. The quality and range have been achieved using internal high gain antennas and specialist programming to minimise the delay and ensure uncompromised sound quality.

Orbitsound's MD Peter Eckhardt comments: "We are delighted to be launching the 'M' series to the UK market in March. Having enjoyed great success with our award winning 'T' series, we are highly confident that the 'M' series will really appeal to buyers. Talking with customers at consumer shows and hearing what they have said on the shop floor, we realised that it was time to replace the incorporated dock with Bluetooth streaming, to bring the patented 'spatial sound' technology to a wider audience. The new range of soundbars incorporates Orbitsound's revolutionary 'spatial sound' alongside new bespoke wireless technology and Bluetooth streaming, so that users can experience a phenomenal sound experience across all devices no matter what space they have available."

Another technical improvement to the 'M' series is the all-new digital amplifiers for advanced signal control, more power and an optimised 'spatial sound' field. The new digital crossovers allow the speakers to deliver greater volume with less distortion. With the digital amplifiers the 'M' series provides the user with a greater clarity of sound and volume capability.

The new Orbitsound 'M' series products include a setting memory which saves the source, volume, treble and bass settings when the power is disconnected and a control panel on top of the soundbars which shows users which source is in use. Unlike 5.1 systems, with numerous speakers and wires, the 'M' series soundbars are made up of an elegant unit and a compact small subwoofer and come complete with a full set of cables; including optical, AUX, speaker, AUX in and VID out RCA and 3.5mm jack cables. Made from high gloss, hand-painted wood, the elegant units are completely non-resonant, delivering a pure and clean sound whether running at high or low volume. Finished with a magnetically attached damped metal front grill to ensure the sound is more acoustically transparent, the units are incredibly simple to install with no multiple speakers.

Orbitsound's 'M' series stand apart from other sound systems thanks to the company's revolutionary 'spatial sound' technology. Unlike conventional sound systems you don't need to stand in the 'sweet spot' to get the true audio effect, the Orbitsound soundbars effectively reproduce surround sound wherever you are standing or sitting in the room. Moreover, the sound produced is a lot more faithful to the original audio recording with depth and clarity to rival much more expensive sound systems.

Ideal for smaller rooms or houses where space is at a premium, at just under a foot long, the Orbitsound BAR M9 will impress with its room filling sound. Pumping out powerful and clear sound, no matter where listeners are within the room, the compact BAR M9 is a must-have for music lovers. Add in the fact that it also enhances TV and home-cinema audio, and the BAR M9 becomes a perfect all-rounder, especially when it comes to listening to music or watching concerts or music videos on YouTube.

Orbitsound's BAR M12 is perfect for improving the audio output from flatscreen TVs. Ideal for those who want high definition sound quality without complex set-up and multiple speakers; the BAR M12 is also fantastic for those who are struggling to hear the audio from their flatscreen TVs. Despite the vast improvement to image resolution with modern TVs, more and more consumers are discovering that flat panel TVs simply do not deliver an audio performance to match. Orbitsound's BAR M12 solves this problem, without taking over the living room.


BAR M9 Soundbar
Dimensions: 90x300x100mm
Speakers: 2x2.5" mid-high drivers, 1x1" tweeter, 2x2" full-range spatial generators
Enclosure: Sealed/orbitsound spatial
Power: 200W

BAR M9 Subwoofer
Dimensions: 140x230x345mm
Type: Active slimline tuned reflex
Speakers: 1x6.5" driver

BAR M12 Soundbar
Dimensions: 90x600x100mm
Speakers: 4x2.5" mid-high drivers, 2x1" tweeter, 2x2" full-range spatial generators
Enclosure: Sealed/orbitsound spatial
Power: 300W

BAR M12 Subwoofer
Dimensions: 220x220x340mm
Type: Down firing tuned reflex enclosure
Speakers: 1x6.5" driver

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