The sound dips in and out on my A Series

This article will help you if your A Series sound dips in and out occasionally.

On certain TV models you may experience a 'dip' in sound when you've got your A Series soundbar connected via optical. The problem arises from the TV momentarily stopping the output of sound, which your soundbar responds to by fading out then back in. This firmware update will stop the fade of sound and only needs to be performed if you're having issues.

Updating Your A Series Firmware

This firmware update Is required for any A series product manufactured before 2017. The update will fix occasional volume dips that occur when the soundbar is used with an optical TV source from some models of TV. The update requires a Windows computer and a standard USB male type A-A cable (Figure 1). If you have any issues, try our forum or contact support.

Figure 1

Installing the USB driver

  1. Download the file package.
  2. Extract the contents of the file into its own folder on your desktop. You should see four entries/files and folders:
  3. Enter the ‘drivers’ folder:
  4. Enter the win32 or win64 folder (if you are unsure as to which one is right for your system, then do the following steps for BOTH folders as it will be OK for your system to have both drivers installed).
  5. Right click on the 'CSRBlueCoreUSB' file and select the second option to install.
  6. You may see a dialog box like the below, click open.
  7. After a while another dialogue box should appear letting you know that 'the operation completed successfully'. Click okay.

The driver should now be installed. Proceed to the next step to install the firmware update.

Installing the firmware update

  1. Navigate to 'update tool' in your folder and double click it.
  2. If you see a dialogue box saying “windows protected your PC” click more info:
  3. Then run anyway:
  4. Similarly any other messages please run the file in any case.
  5. Once you see this window click next:
  6. You must now plug your USB A to A cable and put one end in your PC/Laptop and the other in the back of the soundbar:
  7. Turn the soundbar on by pressing the power button on the soundbar or remote.
  8. Press and hold the LRN and Source buttons for three seconds:
  9. The right panel should flash all lights to indicate the system is in update mode:
  10. On your PC Click next again and select USB (Universal Serial Bus):

    (If you see an error message then recheck the connection between the PC and the soundbar and ensure the soundbar still has power & is in update mode).
  11. You should now see a screen that says “upgrade action:
  12. Select the first option and click [next].
  13. You should now see a screen asking for an upgrade file:
  14. Click [browse], choose the file in the package you downloaded called “A Series Firmware (dipping fix).dfu”.Click [select]
  15. Click [next] until you see a progress indicator:
  16. This is the update taking affect, it should take around 2-3 minutes, once done you should see this screen:
  17. Click finish and then unplug the USB Cable and reattach your soundbar to the TV, the update is now applied. Please note, you will need to disconnect and reconnect the power to your soundbar.

If you installed the update to fix the audio dipping issue, you should notice the bar no longer dips. If the TV does stop outputting sound there may be a small gap but no dip. This may not fix the issue if it happens directly after a channel change as this is an issue with volume normalisation on the TV itself.

This article applies to the following products: BAR A70, BAR A60

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If you're still having issues, why not try our newly launched forum? Our support advisors are on hand to help you out. Alternatively, contact our support team who will be happy to help. Please provide your soundbar serial number and your TV make and model number for a faster service.

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