An incredible showpiece of Orbitsound technology

A new standard for audio realism

Unmatchable high fidelity sound

The AIR D1 has been designed and built to be one of the highest fidelity speakers in the world, every part of it is built to sound as crisp and as clear as possible.

Stunning floating pivot design

The AIR D1 'floats' above the ground to create a clean, uninterrupted sphere of air all around it, enabling the sound waves to hit your ears with minimal distortion.

Simple plug and play

The more speakers you have, the more possibility there is for audio distortion. That's why the AIR D1 is so easy to set up - it's a single unit, so just plug and play.

Single speaker HiFi

The AIR D1 is the only speaker of it’s kind. It combines our two unique technologies; our patented Airsound technology and our brand new amplifier technology; Airamp.