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Founded to make change

Founded by Ted Fletcher in 2009, Orbitsound, a family-run British business, was created as a means to share Airsound™ technology outside of the recording studio via quality, crafted audio products.

Airsound™, the unique patented technology invented by Ted, is his answer to the faults and distortion commonly found with stereo sound. By balancing true spatial sound from a single speaker enclosure, Airsound™ removes the need for multiple speakers or for listeners to be positioned in a ‘sweet spot’, to create clean and complete audio heard from anywhere in the room.

A lifetime dedicated to sound

Ted has more than 60 years of experience in the music industry, working as a musician, audio engineer, electronics and studio equipment designer among renowned names including Dire Straits, Jethro Tull, Cat Stevens, Dusty Springfield and The Who. Since the brand’s inception, Ted has been working with his son, fellow audio tech pioneer Daniel. Together the two have been dedicated to research, constantly innovating and creating better ways of delivering Airsound™.

A hub of music

We are a small team of British musicians, engineers and people who are passionate about sound. Our London HQ hosts live events showcasing up and coming artists to an intimate crowd. A space where music takes precedence, our HQ brings people closer to music.

Ted's story

Ted has a rich history of audio design. In 1969, he founded ‘Alice’, a sound mixer company who developed and manufactured large sound consoles for film studios, sound recording studios, and the BBC. In the early 80s, Ted developed revolutionary voice communications systems for the spot banking market and invented the first 'hands-free' telephones for use in cars for Motorola and later Vodafone. In 1993, Ted founded the Joemeek audio equipment company and developed a range of classic sound processing equipment. In 2005, the very first Airsound prototypes were developed, which would later form the basis for Orbitsound.

Ted's history


In 1954, Ted formed a vocal group called 'The Cameos' with his wife Barbara and his brother Guy Fletcher. During a rehearsal for a Butlins talent night, they met keyboardist Alan Hawkshaw, who worked with the group and introduced Fletcher to music producer and recording manager, Joe Meek.

Ted's history


In the early 60s, Ted worked with Joe Meek and ran a commercial studio in London. Together they worked on the London pop music scene on over 100 singles.

Ted's history


In 1965, Ted built and ran KPM's first pop music studio. The likes of Dusty Springfield and Buddy Guy used the studio that Ted set up.

Ted's history


In 1969, Ted founded 'Alice' mixing console manufacturers. The mixing consoles that Alice made covered radio, theatre and small mixing studios. Ted built the largest theatre mixing console in the UK, which consisted of over 100 audio channels.

Ted's history


In 1972, Ted built audio equipment for the likes of Jethro Tull, Yes, The Who and many more, which were used for both recording and live performances.

Ted's history


In 1984, Ted started building electronics for the telecoms industry and he developed some of the first hands-free car systems.

Ted's history


In 1993, he created the first 'Joemeek' optical compressor, which is now famous studio equipment.

Ted's history


In 2005, Ted created the first prototypes for Airsound - the world's first single source stereo system, now made famous by Orbitsound.

Our history


Orbitsound was founded in 2009, which brought Ted's revolutionary Airsound technology to the mass market. The first Airsound product, the T12, was the best selling audio product in John Lewis.

Our history


In 2014, the SPACED360 was launched, a new type of portable Airsound product designed to create a 360 degree soundfield.

Our history


Orbitsound launched the BAR A70 in 2016, updating our best selling Airsound soundbar with the latest design trends, while adding unique technology like remote learning.

Our history


The ONE P70 was launched in 2017 - our first multi-orientation Airsound speaker. It was later updated to add WiFi, now standard in all of our products.

Our history


In 2018, the DOCK E30 was launched - a studio quality Airsound speaker in a suprisingly small form factor. It features now standard features like Airsound, Bluetooth and WiFi, while adding wireless charging and a helpful docking groove to the list of features.

Our history


The AIR D1 was launched in 2019 - marking a new era for Orbitsound. Designed for the most elegant and demanding of modern homes, the AIR D1 boasts outstanding audio performance and really showcases Airsound technology, while introducing a whole new technology - Airamp.

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