My venue needs music: what are my options?


What are your options when it comes to music for your venue, how do you choose a sound system and does the genre of music matter?

Large in scale and with a lot at stake, event management is a busy line of work. Organisers need to be aware of everything from guest numbers, cancellations, deliveries, staff, to administrative hiccups. You’ll be involved in sourcing lights, catering, clean-up, and most importantly in our opinion: sound.

No event is complete without music, but not all venues provide a sound system or if they do, the quality might not be up to the par that you or your host require. Every organiser knows that whether it’s in the background or part of the main show, an event’s music is vital, and quality sound is something you have to get right.

How do I choose my sound system?

First, choose speakers that can handle the music you play. Whether your music is live, DJ’d, or from a Spotify playlist, the speakers will make a huge difference to your guests’ enjoyment of it. Can your speakers play the music at a loud volume without the sound quality crackling or sounding tinny? Can stereo-quality sound be enjoyed by your guests in every part of the room?

And speaking of room size, you’ll also need to consider how much of the space needs to be filled with sound. If your event is outdoors, 50% (and up to 100%) more sound pressure will be required to cover the same area as it would indoors. Consider ceiling height too; a small, low-ceilinged room would suit a more modest system, whereas a hall requires some amplification to achieve a satisfying sound.

Does the genre of music matter?

When organising sound, you need to know what the music style will be. Pop and light rock play clearly through most speaker systems. However, if you’re planning on hiring a DJ and/or playing bass-heavy music like house or hip-hop, low-end reinforcement from one or two subwoofers will make all the difference.

Tips on safety

Ensuring health and safety guidelines are followed takes a lot of work too, and so installing your traditional sound system safely will need extra care. Ensure you install and position it properly or it may cause a risk at your event. Protect your guests from tripping by taping wires down with highly visible hazard tape and, if the event is dark, large speakers or subwoofers should be kept away from crowded areas.

Of course, when planning a big event, we’d all love to plug in a bluetooth speaker from home, sync, and press play. However, at a large scale event, quality sound isn’t so simple and bad quality music just isn’t an option. Even if the music filled the room, the ‘wow’ factor of a stereo quality speaker system wouldn’t be there.

The best of both worlds

As with anything, the perfect solution is always a compromise: a plug and play sound system, which is still flexible enough to play a variety of music. One to suit any event, indoors or outdoors; whether it’s a living room or an assembly hall. As market leaders in powerful plug and play speakers, with sound quality to rival large scale, multi-layered, and intricate amplifiers, this versatility is exactly what Orbitsound was designed for.

Orbitsound’s speaker systems are simple to use and compact for any last-minute venue changes. Despite their size and plug-and-play portability, however, Airsound technology has six decades of audio engineering technology, like weddings and awards ceremonies with stereo quality sound.

Make life easy

The major flaw with traditional systems is where listeners need to stand to hear the ‘sweet spot’ in a room, where the music from the left and right speaker blend perfectly. Airsound takes a different approach.

Airsound automatically modifies sounds through two side speakers feeding into a central speaker. This creates an unbelievable, stereo-quality result without needing two speakers or a sweet spot.

Even with one music source, the technology of Airsound matches larger amplifiers distributing sound around the room. It’s a smart and easy solution for event planners, and negating the need to rent or buy a complicated and overly technical sound system.

Hosting the perfect event can often feel like an impossible task. Airsound revolutionises sound systems, with advanced technology, to make outstanding sound quality a whole lot easier. Take some of the strain out of planning your event by choosing a discreet and versatile plug and play system that really packs a punch. Orbitsound’s range has you covered for a fraction of the cost of more complex and messy setups - leaving you free to worry about the guests and catering instead.

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