Benefits of Google Chromecast Audio


The nifty dongle is designed to bring wireless streaming to your speakers within seconds and is a perfect addition to any music lover’s entertainment.

We couldn’t have been more excited with the recent launch of the Chromecast Audio. You can now cast your favourite tunes from your Wi-Fi enabled devices straight through Orbitsound soundbars, such as the A70 Airsound™ Bar, M9, M12 and Spaced360.

Simply plug the Chromecast Audio into the AUX input at the back of your Orbitsound speakers and use your smartphone (or any Wi-Fi enabled device) to stream your favourite music, radio stations and podcasts. Not only that, your smartphone can also be used as a remote control to stream music, pause, skip tracks and change the volume all without draining your battery.

Before you plug in and crank up the volume, we’d advise a quick dip into the settings. Activate the option for ‘high dynamic range’ currently switched off by default, this will enable the Chromecast Audio to really start singing and dancing, making the most of our soundbars.

Another smart feature is that anyone under the Wi-Fi blanket can stream music directly to the speakers so no more awkward moments of handing your phone over to someone at the party, everyone can share their playlists.

We prefer using the Chromecast Audio experience over Bluetooth as your music isn’t interrupted by the sound of a text message or a phone call.

Most major streaming services are available on the Chromecast Audio such as Spotify, Google Play Music Rdio and Deezer. However, Apple Music, Amazon Prime and Tidal apps aren’t supported yet.

Chromecast Audio works its Wi-Fi charm at a fraction of the cost as the next cheapest multi-room audio solution, if that’s something you are into. The updated version now supports multi-room and hi-res audio features. The multi-room feature lets you group multiple Chromecast devices together to play the same song out of different speakers at the same time.

Chromecast Audio’s raison d’etre is to deliver connectivity and ours is to deliver superior sound – it’s a match made in music heaven.

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