Orbitsound Announces The All New BAR A70

Award winning British audio technology brand, Orbitsound announces it's latest soundbar, the BAR A70. Launching on the 21 August 2015, the new soundbar offers a host of new features. With a striking new industrial design, a SMART wireless subwoofer, apt-X lossless Bluetooth streaming with NFC, touch controls, remote control learning and a hidden light up display, the BAR A70 is a complete home audio system that transforms TV and home-cinema audio from a stylish unit.

The BAR A70 creates incredible audio with patented airSOUNDTM technology, which delivers a rich and immersive sound at high or low volume settings, thereby enhancing dialogue, music, action and sound from everyday programming. airSOUND™ technology overcomes the limitations of a stereo sweet spot, so wherever the listener is in the room, the audio effect is rich and authentic.

Measuring a compact 75cm x 7.4cm x 6.5cm (width x depth x height) the BAR A70 is an ultra-slim soundbar designed to effortlessly blend into the room making sound its primary focus, yet its unobtrusive design can also be wall mounted, giving the living space a modern touch, catering for multiple placement options. airSOUND™ ensures that in any placement, optimal audio is delivered.

Underneath the hand polished, high gloss piano black exterior, the cabinet is produced from engineered wood housing 5 speakers in the soundbar. The front speaker array fuses modern digital amplifiers with a classic Hi-Fi analogue crossover, to drive the custom designed 2x2" drivers and high definition tweeter. This is a blend of new and old; the best of both worlds to redefine quality soundbar audio. The side-firing speakers are digitally driven neodymium ultra high performance speakers. The new industrial design emphasises the airSOUND™ credentials via Orbitsound's signature grilles on three sides and a new control panel. The 300W output ensures ample power to deliver an incredible, room-filling, audio experience, allowing the customer to hear true cinema quality sound.

The easy set-up requires just one included optical cable to connect to a television and removes the need for any additional equipment, wiring or adjustment. The BAR A70 supports aptX low-latency and lossless Bluetooth, meaning you can connect to any Bluetooth device for high quality streaming within seconds. Legacy devices can be connected using the 3.5mm jack input.

Remote Learning: At the touch of a button, the BAR A70 goes into learning mode. This allows the BAR A70 to learn from any remote control* the vol+ and vol- function. This feature allows the user to control the BAR A70 volume via their TV remote eliminating the need to use Orbitsound's own remote control.

SMART subwoofer: The compact subwoofer features a newly optimised driver and low profile cabinet that can be positioned in a variety of positions without compromising its audio power. Utilising the latest Bluetooth technology, the subwoofer connection features an optimised digital bandwidth to achieve greater range, higher speed (lower latency) and zero interference with Bluetooth performance.

Touch and Lights: Boasting a new design, the BAR A70 maintains a subtle yet simple display and touch panel. By simply touching the front of the BAR A70, the subtly lit buttons glow. The control panel is minimalist, but clearly shows the audio source, learning mode, Bluetooth, power and volume. When the User changes other settings, i.e. treble, bass, volume, the display lights up on the front of the unit. Other features are clear on the display such as a notification if the subwoofer is not connected, and the currently selected audio source, Bluetooth pairing etc. Also, offering an NFC enabled device to the front causes the BAR A70 to power up and connect instantly for one-touch menu free streaming.

Orbitsound's Product Architect, Daniel Fletcher comments: “The BAR A70 is designed to cater for those who want a complete audio experience that does not contend with their living space. The Orbitsound BAR A70 is refined and sounds incredible. Whether it's to experience sound from the TV or streaming media from your phones, the BAR A70 delivers all the audio you need at a touch of a button. This soundbar is the first of our new generation of soundbars, and it's one that I am personally really proud to see brought to market."

The BAR A70 will retail at £500, from 21 August 2015, available from www.johnlewis.com

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