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Our soundbars combine elegant, non-obtrusive design with ultra-high definition sound-quality for an authentic home cinema experience.

Bluetooth Soundbars


All-in-one Airsound system with integrated subwoofer, WiFi and multiple orientations. The ONE P70W can be used in almost any environment, at home or at work.

£179   £399 


All-in-one Airsound system with integrated subwoofer, WiFi and multiple orientations. The V2 edition brings Airamp technology for increased clarity.


A70 Soundbar

Compact, stylish and extremely powerful soundbar with wireless subwoofer. Perfectly clear dialogue and pure sonic enjoyment for TV, music streaming, or movie soundtracks.

Gloss black

Best place for your soundbar

For an optimal audio experience, we recommend that you place your soundbar at a similar height to your head, above or the below the TV is fine, although most people opt for just below the TV. If your TV is wall mounted, you can wall mount your soundbar just below your TV. For those who have free-standing units, place it in front of your TV on your TV unit.

Getting the best sound for your TV

Thanks to our Airsound and Airamp technology, we truly believe our soundbars offer unrivaled sound quality, and therefore will help you get the best experience from your TV unit.

We have taken the time to consider the design, and have either included standalone subwoofers, or integrated subwoofers within our soundbars to provide deeper, richer and crisper tones, which add to the experience, and leave you completely immersed in your own home theatre set-up.

Better still, our soundbars are cost-effective, giving you a better experience and quality for less. What's more, our soundbars also offer a selection of connectivity options, via aux, optical, wifi, bluetooth and even Spotify connect, meaning that our soundbars can connect with almost any device, and not alter the quality you receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do soundbars have surround sound?

Technically speaking no, our soundbars do not offer surround sound. However, we do offer something better, a truly immersive experience thanks to our Airsound and Airamp technology. Our soundbars create the illusion of surround sound, so much so that you will feel like you are actually in the cinema.

Do you need a soundbar with a 4K TV?

Although you don’t necessarily need a soundbar for your 4K TV, it will dramatically improve your television’s sound quality. A soundbar can transform the weak sound that comes out of your television into a cinema-like experience, with deeper bass and vastly improved audio.

What size soundbar should I get for a 55-inch TV?

Despite what you may hear, when it comes to soundbars, size doesn’t matter, it's the quality of the technology that's important. So regardless of the size of your TV, you would be better off coupling your TV unit with a more advanced smaller soundbar, as opposed to a huge long soundbar.

Our Airsound technology does away with the need for distinct left and right speakers, meaning our soundbars produce a better balanced and quality audio from a much smaller package.

Are 5.1 soundbars worth it?

Thanks to our Airsound technology, we would have to say no. Whilst 5.1 soundbars are fantastic, they can be excessively expensive and complicated for what they are. Furthermore, 5.1 soundbars normally have a very small sweet spot for optimal sound quality. Whereas our soundbars are comparatively inexpensive and our Airsound technology eliminates the sweet spot and seamlessly produces phenomenal sound around the room.

What is the difference between a 2.1 and a 5.1 sound bar?

Generally speaking 2.1 surround sound channels feature two speakers along with one subwoofer or soundbar. Conversely, 5.1 surround sound boasts one soundbar, two or more extra speakers, plus a subwoofer. However, thanks to our Airsound technology our soundbar units produce superior sound that rivals the cinema experience, making them a perfect solution to any home system.

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