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Our founder, Ted Fletcher, invented Airsound™ technology in a Eureka moment having worked for decades as a musician, audio engineer, electronics designer and studio designer, to give the listener a more realistic, more immersive sound experience.

60 years of sonic pursuit

Ted Fletcher, our founder, is passionate about good sound. For more than 60 years he has been playing music, recording and inventing to create the best musical experience possible.

Playing and singing with younger brother Guy and wife Barbara developed into a career in professional studios in the 1960s. They worked with the infamous producer Joe Meek creating distinctive sounds with original techniques and ideas.


Since then Ted has been constantly innovating; in the 1970s he designed some of the world's most sophisticated sound mixing desks for studios and major touring bands, at the same time inventing technology used by all modern radio stations.


While creating new designs for studio equipment in 2003 with son Daniel, he hit on a key idea in sound reproduction; it was a 'Eureka' moment and the culmination of his 60 year career in audio - a way to reproduce true stereo from a single loudspeaker box. When they heard it for the first time in their Westcountry studio the improvement in sound quality was obvious and incredible; no more multiple speakers, no more sitting in a 'sweet spot'.


Orbitsound brings Ted's revolutionary technology to your home and lets you hear great sound the way it should be heard.

Since Airsound's invention, Ted and Daniel Fletcher have been constantly innovating and creating better ways of delivering Airsound; redefining the quality of audio possible in the home and on the move. Perfect audio is our shared goal.



London pop music scene. Ted worked with Joe Meek and ran a commercial studio in London, Keith Prowse Music, Denmark St


Started designing and building bespoke recording studio equipment


Founded ‘Alice’ mixing console makers, inventing many new technologies for radio


Built equipment for Jethro Tull, Yes, The Who and many more for recording and live performances


Created electronics for the telecoms industry, developing some early hands-free in-car systems


Developed ground breaking noise cancelling telecoms systems for bank traders


Created the first ‘JOEMEEK’ optical compressor - a now famous studio item


Created the first ‘spatial’ audio reproduction systems (Airsound™)


Orbitsound brings Ted's revolutionary technology to your home and lets you hear great sound the way it should be heard.


Invented the 3 channel Airsound system that lead to the SPACED360 portable product.


Orbitsound ONE P70 launched – the first multi-orientation speaker. Designed to sound the same no matter which orientation.


Orbitsound DOCK E30 launch - Studio quality sound in a surprisingly small form factor, with wireless charging, a docking groove and Wi-Fi

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