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Orbitsound have been busy. Our latest products are taking our speaker designs in a whole new direction. Let us tell you about what we're thinking.

Traditional stereo speaker systems produce sound in two channels: left and right. The area where both channels intersect is known as the ‘sweet spot’. It’s only in this space that you can hear a balanced stereo image. Unless you stay within this relatively small area, you won’t hear the recording properly, or truly benefit from the stereo effect.

Orbitsound was born out of the need to solve this problem. We’ve done this with our Airsound technology, which allows you to hear whatever you're listening to in high fidelity, full stereo, regardless of where you are in the room.

We’ve implemented this feature into all of our products, and as our technology is proprietary, it's a listening experience that no other manufacturer can equal or replicate.

Beyond this, our products are designed to be much more than just a bit of tech — they’re meant to be parts of your home. How? Stay with us as we take a closer look at our design philosophy.

What goes into an Orbitsound device?

We pay just as much attention to the design of our products as their performance. There’s little point in having superb audio quality if the build and design of the product don’t equate it.

We create products that merge the complexity of audio with the simplicity of design. Audio is always our prime focus and we build from there.

The design of our speakers reflect this simplicity. We use natural materials, such as solid bamboo, and minimise external distractions such as cables and buttons. Our speakers are designed to sit as another piece of furniture in your home, not just another intrusive electronic device that invades your space.

We’re inspired by hardy, existing products that stay working and don't fall prey to 'planned obsolescence'. Our devices are a reaction to today's throwaway culture, they're built to last and designed to be timeless — outside of fast-changing modern design trends. Purchasing an Orbitsound product is an investment in your long-term audio enjoyment.

Hi-tech hi-fi

We look ahead in designing our products but we also draw some of our inspiration from the hi-fi systems of old. You may remember the old speaker cabinets — rectangular boxes filled with smaller circular speakers, carefully positioned in a simple yet effective design. It’s not a coincidence that many of these devices still work today, provided you have an aux cable to hand.

We've incorporated this vintage feel into our design. There are certain design features, such as volume dials, that were there from the very beginning and that will be relevant for generations to come.

The grilles

One visual theme you’ll see recur in Orbitsound speaker are side grilles. These aren’t cosmetic: Airsound technology relies on side firing speakers to create the wider stereo field and avoid the sweet spot problem. These side grilles are designed differently, depending on the model.

For example, on the P70W speaker the grilles blend almost seamlessly into the device. Whereas on the DOCK E30 (which is designed as a more prominent media hub for your devices) the grilles are a more obvious aesthetic feature.

Timeless doesn't mean 'anti-technology'

Of course, there is a middle ground, and as a consumer audio company in a saturated marketplace, we know to provide the latest and best audio features.

We understand better than anyone that compatibility plays a big role in the decision to buy a speaker system. It’s why we build in features such as wireless, Bluetooth and the Orbitsound app to make sure you can seamlessly connect and listen when you want, how you want.

More recently while designing the DOCK E30, Orbitsound developed HALO bass technology. Like Airsound technology, HALO bass technology is unique enough that we were able to patent it. It uses an algorithm which, put simply, makes the drivers on the device move in unison at lower bass frequencies — creating a clearer, stronger bass sound.

HALO compliments Airsound, and is omnidirectional. This means that you can place it anywhere in the room and the audio quality won’t be affected by objects in the way.

It doesn’t have to be different, it just has to be quality

Though you could say that Airsound technology is a completely different approach to audio, when it comes to design we don't believe something needs to be ‘different’ to be successful. It needs to work reliably and seamlessly.

Each of our products has been designed to allow you to enjoy your music in the simplest, most elegant way possible.

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