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Want The Ultimate Home Cinema Experience?

Our unique Airsound Bluetooth speakers combine ultra-high definition sound quality with modern design for an outstanding home cinema and immersive gaming performance.

Soundbars Soundbars & Subwoofers

Wireless Home Theatre Experience

Our patented Airsound technology delivers high-fidelity, studio-sound quality wherever you are in the room – making our soundbars and subwoofers vital editions to any home theatre setup.

Big on sound but small in size, our speakers are compact, blend in effortlessly with the rest of your room – whether placed on a table or wall-mounted – and are ideal for today’s new generation of TVs.

Bluetooth Surround Sound Speakers

All of our speakers come with Optical, Bluetooth and AUX connections for a seamless and comfortable user experience.


Soundbars and Subwoofers


The next generation wireless subwoofer for endless versatility and dramatically deeper bass.



All-in-one Airsound system with integrated subwoofer, WiFi and multiple orientations. The ONE P70W can be used in almost any environment, at home or at work.



All-in-one Airsound system with integrated subwoofer, WiFi and multiple orientations. The V2 edition brings Airamp technology for increased clarity.


A70 Soundbar

Compact, stylish and extremely powerful soundbar with wireless subwoofer. Perfectly clear dialogue and pure sonic enjoyment for TV, music streaming, or movie soundtracks.

Gloss black

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, home theatre or soundbar?

This depends. Generally, most home theatre systems provide 5.1 surround sound, and although the experience beats TV speakers, there tends to be a lot of messy wires to contend with and you'll find there's a very narrow 'sweet spot'.

Conversely, soundbars are usually less obtrusive, are typically cheaper than home cinema systems and suffer less from a narrow 'sweet spot'. Although they still struggle to project depth of sound into a room, which is where sound technology comes into play.

While most soundbars can’t provide the same kind of immersive, surround-sound experience as home cinema systems, they still improve the sound quality of your TV significantly, and look great in smaller rooms.

Do soundbars provide surround sound?

These days, newer soundbars can offer surround sound, with more expensive models featuring Dolby Atmos. Our soundbars and subwoofers boast immersive Airsound technology that delivers higher definition sound equally throughout the room, without the limitations of Dolby Atmos (find out more here).

Is 5.1 or 2.1 surround sound better?

Generally speaking, yes 5.1 surround sound is better than most 2.1 surround sound systems, but this is if the conditions are met to warrant the use of 5.1 surround sound, especially within a home theatre setting. If you are able to set up your surround sound speakers in just the right way and sit in the perfect spot, then 5.1 surround sound is definitely better.

There are technologies like Dolby Atmos which attempt to overcome the obstacles to surround sound, but they too ultimately require your room's size, shape and layout to be just right. If your setup isn't just right, then it prevents a seamless and immersive listening experience when you're at home.

Thanks to our Airsound technology, these obstacles are overcome, as our technology creates the audio depth of surround sound, which truly imitates the cinema experience and creates immersive viewing with unrivaled sound quality. This technology allows us to close the gap on 5.1 surround sound, equaling a 5.1 home theatre experience, whilst also being a truly cost-effective solution to your home cinema set-up.

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