Introducing the DOCK E30: our game changing speaker


Orbitsound is proud to announce the DOCK E30, the latest in a growing product range, featuring Airsound, Wireless charging and built in Wi-Fi.

Well, it’s finally here. After years of development, we are finally able to announce the DOCK E30 and what it’s bringing to the audio scene.

First and foremost, the DOCK is designed as an all-in-one speaker hub; tailored and designed to act as the media hub of your home. With a suite of cutting edge features focused on versatility and ease of use, it’s designed to get the most out of your streaming audio and smart devices.

It achieves superbly, clean spatial sound in true stereo across the frequency spectrum, from thunderous bass, to crystal clear high end, all courtesy of our patented Airsound and ‘HALO’ bass technologies.

And it does all this in a small and stylish form factor proving that it is possible to have the best of high performance and beautiful design.

Not convinced? Stay with us while we explain why the DOCK E30 is our game changing product.

Airsound vs Stereo

First, a quick outline of the Airsound technology.

When we talk about Airsound, the main thing to bear in mind is that it's not just a improvement upon existing stereo audio; it’s an entirely new approach to how stereo sound is reproduced.

The 'sweet spot' problem

A conventional stereo system, no matter how large, expensive or well designed, produces sound in two channels: left and right. The area in which the channels intersect is called the 'sweet spot'. It is in this, and only this space where you actually hear a stereo image.

The 'sweet spot' for any stereo system is, by its very nature, limited in size. This means that, unless you stay within the relatively small area encompassing the sweet spot, you can’t hear the recording properly or benefit from the stereo effect. The further away from the sweet spot you go, the more imbalanced the sound you hear.

Turning the entire room into a sweet spot

We have managed to overcome this inherent limitation in stereo by doing away with the idea of left and right channels.

Airsound provides audio detail and spatial information separately, yet simultaneously. The result is delivering audio and spatial information which can be heard with perfect clarity wherever you are. The process turns the entire room into a sweet spot: retaining a full stereo, crystal clear sound, no matter how high the volume or where you or your guests are located.

We call this Airsound. The technology is proprietary and patented and cannot be found in any other speakers. Because of how it works, Airsound can be seen as the third progression in audio reproduction - evolving from mono and stereo. Simply put: it just sounds better.

Now that we've talked a little about the technology that the DOCK is based on, allow us to show you the design.

The Design

The DOCK is designed as both a tasteful sonic centrepiece and your home’s media centre.

Small, elegant, powerful

Formidable despite its size, the DOCK’s relatively diminutive proportions bely its amazing ability to fill a sizable space with Airsound. It comes in three elegant finishes - black, bamboo and white - and its front metal grille is easily detachable, allowing you to further customise the appearance.

Having discussed the form, it’s time to talk function. On the top of the sound system you'll find a docking groove, which is designed to seat a range of devices, from smartphones to full-sized tablets. This means seamless housing of most media devices, meaning they can be switched out effortlessly on the fly.

The unit's stylish side grilles are meticulously designed for performance and aesthetic. They're laser etched and cut from a high strength material, creating an unusually high 'open area', resulting in an improved and unobstructed listening experience.

Economical and smart

The unit is able to learn almost any third party infrared remote control; however, it of course comes with a remote of its own. The DOCK is also designed to run economically, only using the components that are in use, and shutting down other parts until they are needed.

Wired and wireless charging

The Dock is designed to be the audio hub of the home and offers both wired and Qi wireless charging. Simply place your compatible device (such as the Galaxy S8 or iPhone X) on the Orbitsound logo and enjoy rapid battery recharge. Anyone without wireless charging support can take advantage of the speaker's built in, impeccably fast USB-C port.

The Sound

The foundation of the DOCK's remarkable sound is, of course, Airsound. Built upon this foundation, however, are a number of improvements and recent breakthroughs, taken from the very cutting edge of our work in acoustics.

The bass

For a start, we developed a patented and entirely new technology to process bass, called ‘HALO’ which uses DSP processing to achieve the maximum possible bass sound out of the DOCK. Then there’s the modularity though the DOCK is more than capable enough on its own. Those looking for an even louder, lower option may opt to add a S4 wireless sub, a subwoofer designed to optimise and broaden the output potential of your DOCK.

Despite its modest size, the S4 sub provides a deep underlying layer of bass, crossing over with the DOCK at about 170Hz to complement and enrich the DOCK's sound. The subwoofer is also omni-directional, which means you can place it wherever you want, in any room location or any orientation - even behind furniture - without affecting the sound.

Multiple streaming options

Designed for convenience, the DOCK can play audio in whatever way best suits you. Bluetooth, including high resolution aptX streaming or through Wi-Fi. If you prefer wires, standard 3.5mm auxiliary and digital optical input are also supported. The Orbitsound app allows you to access TuneIn radio, TIDAL, Apple Music and can also stream via Spotify Connect if you have a Spotify Premium account.

Multi room streaming

Wireless streaming already allows guests to easily assume or switch the role of DJ. But if it's the kind of gathering that extends into multiple rooms, multi room streaming allows you to turn a number of separate speakers into one unified Airsound system. Music can be then be streamed via the Orbitsound app.

Want to link speakers from another manufacturer into your system? Not a problem - you can easily connect non-Orbitsound speakers using an Orbitsound Audiocast M5.

Order now

Whether it’s just you, your family, or a sizable social gathering, the DOCK E30 uses innovative design and patented audio technology to deliver a listening and streaming experience that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Feel like knowing a little more? The DOCK is available for pre-order now for 20% off (exclusive to, free delivery, 2 year warranty & 100 day free trial.

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