Bluetooth speakers are great for music, here’s why


There are now multiple choices when it comes to wireless audio streaming, but we're here to tell you that Bluetooth is still a great way to stream your favourite music to your speaker.

Bluetooth as a technology has been with us for around two decades now, and it’s safe to say the format is unlikely to disappear any time soon. In fact, it's more likely to get cheaper: its implementation cost will be driven downward by increased adoption and rival technologies.

As music lovers, Bluetooth has plenty to offer us — from headset-pairing to transferring music. Bluetooth-enabled speakers have also been around for a number of years now, however, in the past, you may have found the sound quality to be wanting, or the connection poor. As always, though, technology marches on and, today, the audio quality of Bluetooth speakers is able to meet the high standards of the savvy music lover or discerning audiophile. As such, let's delve into why that is, and why you should consider investing in a speaker that is Bluetooth enabled.

So, why Bluetooth?

These days, people want to take their music everywhere and share it with their friends, and who can blame them! This is where Bluetooth really shines. Simply put, when it comes to versatility, Bluetooth is near impossible to beat. Your music is easily shared, wherever you want, and no wires or power cables are needed.


Let's start, though, with compatibility. Most modern devices capable of playing music (tablets, smartphones, laptops) support Bluetooth. Connecting to your chosen device is therefore usually as simple as holding a button and pairing. There's no hardware or software installation process, and you avoid all the complications that cables bring: format incompatibilities, tangles, cable damage, and the need to plug and unplug to name but a few.


With enough charge in your device, you can take a portable speaker and play your music in the park while enjoying a lovely summer BBQ. True, you can't beat headphones for personal convenience, but if you're looking to enjoy your music with more than one person, then Bluetooth is ideal.

Small Bluetooth speakers are now compact and light enough to fit into your pocket. Many of them are hardy too, designed for use in a variety of environments. To some extent, they can be resistant to sand, water, and shock — so finding a good one can be really worthwhile.

This portability and toughness means that such speakers can be used in almost any environment. Anywhere at home, your friend's house, whilst travelling, or almost any place outside for that matter. This portability is why Bluetooth is particularly suited to music, as opposed to more 'static' entertainment consumption, such as at your home cinema or your computer.


If you’re concerned about sound quality — perhaps from a poor past experience — there really is no reason to be. Bluetooth's encoders are sophisticated enough to stream audio of a quality that is as good as the quality of the file you started with: no issues then when playing your favourite songs in high resolution 320kbps MP3 or in lossless formats such as .flac (Free Lossless Audio Codec). Speaker quality has improved over the last few years, too. For example, our patented Airsound technology will provide you with the purest listening environment.

Bluetooth vs Wi-Fi

The big question: how does Bluetooth compare to Wi-Fi? Well, there are a few differences. In the context of connecting devices together, Bluetooth is generally regarded as a better option. It also usually has a lower range than Wi-Fi (so you can be further away from the receiver before it cuts out).

Of course, there are Wi-Fi-enabled speakers too, it’s a feature that we are looking to include in our Bluetooth-enabled speakers for the best of both worlds. As a rule of thumb then, the distance you gain with Wi-Fiis traded for ease of use.

With Wi-Fi, the connection process is usually not as simple as Bluetooth pairing, often requiring installation. So, if you're spacing your speaker(s) further than 10 meters from your source, you may need to look into Wi-Fi (or cables). But for anything smaller, Bluetooth should suit your needs perfectly.

In the end though, Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables you to enjoy your music on your terms; whether that’s alone, with friends, at home, or outside. What’s more, Bluetooth-enabled speakers have advanced greatly in the last few years. Their compatibility, portability, ease of use, and sound quality make them ideal for the gadget enthusiast who loves their music and wants to take it with them, wherever they go — or for those who simply need a modern speaker for their home.

You could say that, as well as making music more accessible, Bluetooth helps to make music more social too — which is what it’s all about, right? If you want to find out more about our products and to see how they could fit into your lifestyle, head across to our product page.

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