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The M12 Soundbar

High Performance Spatial Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer and Bluetooth

High Performance Spatial Soundbar

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  • Award winning 3D spatial sound for the whole room
  • Compact high performance soundbar (300W)
  • Ultra low latency 2.4G digital wireless subwoofer
  • Bluetooth connectivity

The Orbitsound M12

The Orbitsound M12 is a soundbar and subwoofer that delivers a truly cinematic experience, despite being relatively compact at only 60cm wide. For watching movies, TV or listening to music, the Orbitsound M12 powers out startling high definition sound from its spatial array of 9 speakers (8 in the soundbar, 1 in the subwoofer).

Spatial sound

At Orbitsound, sound comes first. Orbitsound’s Spatial Sound Technology (SST) uses side firing speakers and proprietary sound encoding to radiate sensational sound throughout the room. The M12 creates a spatial sound environment that fills your space, so ALL listeners enjoy the soundscape wherever they are sitting. The Orbitsound system provides a truly smooth and wide spatial image that can be enjoyed from anywhere around the soundbar – everywhere is the sweet spot.


The M12 comes with a high power, down firing, high speed wireless digital subwoofer. It’s the power of the subwoofer that enables such a high definition wide-band sound. The ultra low latency of the 2.4GHz subwoofer connection means that the sound is in-sync with the soundbar, delivering a seamless sound, yet with the flexibility of wireless operation, and the high fidelity of a lossless digital connection. The subwoofer is tuned and down-firing to achieve deeper bass, and can be positioned anywhere within 8 metres of the soundbar (completely out of sight if required). The volume of the subwoofer can be independently set by a volume control on the subwoofer itself, and further can be remote controlled through the soundbar. The subwoofer can operate on 1 of 10 channels, ensuring compatibility with any other wireless equipment in the home. 


High quality Bluetooth streaming to the soundbar from any compatible Bluetooth device means simple wireless enjoyment of streamed or stored media. The M12 manages your Bluetooth connection cleverly. Simply press the Bluetooth button (or press play from the included remote control), and the M12 will ‘grab’ your device’s Bluetooth connection and continue playback. The remote control can also skip or rewind tracks on a connected device.

British Award Winning Design

This soundbar and subwoofer are made of wood. Why? This is because we at Orbitsound find that modern, cheaper materials (plastics) simply do not provide the acoustic properties that traditional wood is so famous for. The soundbar is deep high gloss and finished with a metal front grille that sits on 8 acoustically damped mounts. The Subwoofer is finished in a tough matt finish to prevent unwanted marking. The design is completely sound-led. The acoustic properties of the soundbar and subwoofer are optimised to achieve the best sound possible. As a result, the M12 is understated yet sophisticated, able to sit in any environment – heard and not seen!

Energy Efficiency

The M12 features digital amplifiers and wireless power control to save energy on standby or when it’s idle. The M12 will wirelessly shut down the subwoofer and resume it when it is needed and minimise it’s own power needs as much as possible.

Digital Optimisation

The M12 features a new generation of digital amplifier, programmed to optimise the output from the system in all areas. The result is a louder, clearer and wider sound that is more engaging for the listener. The Orbitsound Spatial (SST) signal is optimised to deliver to the spatial (side) speakers only the sounds that give the listener the sensation of space. It is this sound that interacts with the ‘main’ signal to give a truly spatial experience. This means the spatial sensation is better, delivering even more depth than previous Orbitsound products.


Easy connection to a TV is recommended through the included optical cable that delivers digital clarity of whatever TV, film, game or music is being watched on the TV. Other connections include mixing analogue inputs on RCA and jack, allowing connection to almost anything. Bluetooth provides a wireless connection point.

Everything you need to transform your TV sound is in the box.


Soundbar Connections:
  • Digital Optical (TOSLINK)
  • RCA analogue
  • 3.5mm jack analogue
  • Wireless: Bluetooth A2DP stereo receiver & Orbitsound proprietary subwoofer 2.4G

Package includes: M12 sound bar, down firing wireless subwoofer, remote control, User’s guide, quick start guide, TOSLINK digital optical cable, 3.5mm stereo jack cable, RCA audio/video cable, power cords.



Just £399.99 buy now


Frequency range +/- 3 dB [Hz]    45 – 16KHz

Control; response (remote control) +,-6dB at 100Hz and 10KHz

Maximum SPL [dB]       97dBA

Amp. power      300W total

Crossover frequencies [Hz]        190/5,000

Tweeter drivers              2 x 1” m/c

Front main drivers         4 x 2.5 “

Spatial drivers               2 x 2” full-range

Enclosure type              Sealed/orbitsound spatial

Sub-Bass driver                        1 x 6.5”
Enclosure type              Down firing tuned reflex

Connection input(s)      

Stereo Line level -10dBu
3.5mm jack and RCA.
TOSLINK optical digital input
Bluetooth (wireless)

Orbitsound 2.4GHz audio

Recommended placement        
Bar, in front of television

Sub, floor, port facing wall

Dimensions (H x W x D) [mm]   
90 x 600 x 100mm (soundbar)
220 x 220 x 340mm (sub)

Cabinet finish   
Soundbar: High gloss

Subwoofer: High density PVC

Weight (in packaging)    16.4Kg

Power consumption Standby / Idle         0.4W / 4W

Voltage / Power                                                22V DC / 110-240v AC

Remote Control IR lead code                 6122/01FE

Just £399.99 buy now


The M12 has received a 5/5 rating in Apps Magazine and has been awarded the ‘Style Award’
“The M12 comes with a real show-off feature in the shape of 3D spatial sound which ensures that everyone in the room, no matter their position, gets the same listening experience”


" The orbitsound M12 is a well packaged, sturdy little unit that manages to convey an enveloping sound from within its fairly compact construction. It looks good, feels great and sounds very nice indeed. Recommended."
Mark Hodgkinson, AVForums.com

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The M12 generated a 4-star (8/10) review on Trusted Reviews and was awarded the ‘Trusted Reviews Recommended’ award.

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Just £399.99 buy now