Coloured Fascias available for the T12v3 and M12 soundbars



The Orbitsound soundbars fill your room with glorious immersive sound without the clutter of remote speakers and wires.  

Now with this colour panel, you can express yourself visually as well as with your music and movies.  Choose a colour to make your soundbar blend in with your environment, or choose a colour to stand out and make a statement... The choice is yours!

This front panel replaces the existing front panel in seconds as it is mounted on acoustically damped magnetic mounts.  No screws, no fuss, simply detach the old panel, and this will snap into place effortlessly.

Why have just one colour?  Have a collection to colour your sound and suit every mood for only £19.99

Instructions: Carefully pull the old panel from the front of your soundbar and detach.  Offer this panel to the same place, and it ‘snaps’ into place