About Orbitsound

Orbitsound Limited is a British company originally based in Torquay. It designs and manufactures high quality and unique consumer audio products using its patented airSOUNDâ„¢ technology.

Orbitsound now has a wide range of products including the new critcally acclaimed wireless soundbars, M9 and M12. We have the M10LX which is exclusive to Curry’s and PC World. We have also welcomed a new addition to our range, the SB60. This amazing soundbar has a built in subwoofer and can take the weight of a TV up to 55"!

All of Orbitsound's products are built around its unique airSOUNDâ„¢ technology. Ted first developed this technology in 2004 and having spent some years honing the technology and registering patents the decision was made to establish Orbitsound to develop and bring to market competitively priced high quality consumer audio products. The Orbitsound T3 speaker caused a huge stir when first launched at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. As well as being featured on BBC and CNN coverage of the show and generating significant press and trade interest, the technology was then showcased by Disney Corporation at its prestigious “Best of CES” show.

Orbitsound's versatile T12 soundbar was a runaway success with the critics and was shortlisted by Macworld for 2009 Consumer Audio Product of the year. It received a significant number of rave reviews including five stars in Macworld and iPod user. T3 Magazine described it as "the best iPod dock-cum-soundbar around".

airSOUNDâ„¢ technology delivers true spatial sound from a single speaker enclosure. It means you hear an immersive sound throughout the room so everywhere is the sweet spot. This is an alternative to the traditional two speaker stereo where, if set up correctly with the left and right speakers at the right distance apart, there is a single limited sweetspot where the stereo may sound right. But everywhere else there is wave interference and one channel sounds louder than the other. The airSOUNDâ„¢ technology used by Orbitsound eliminates this problem. The positioning of the Orbitsound speaker is unimportant and the listener hears the same high quality sound throughout the room. Surround yourself with sound, not with speakers and cables!

The technology resolves many of the inherent performance constraints of conventional stereo with an accurately balanced spatial sound-field with significant, audible improvement in signal clarity maintained at all positions; there is an infinite sweet spot and speaker positioning is unimportant. Conventional stereo seeks to replicate the breadth and solidity of live music or audio by the creation of the illusion of a central image composed of common information from left and right channels as well as the separate information in each of those channels. To successfully create this illusion requires considerable distance of the two speakers from each other and from the listener. Because of the necessarily very limited distance between two speakers in small devices such as iPod docks, PDAs and mobile phones, there is no stereo image, only two channel information and an inferior listening experience. Orbitsound’s airSOUND technology overcomes this limitation and provides a solid stereo signal with breadth and solidity even from the smallest devices and without the need for distance between speakers and listener or for the listener to be in a central sweet spot.

Orbitsound was founded in 2007 by renowned British sound engineer, Ted Fletcher. Ted is steeped in music industry experience and heritage and took his first steps in sound recording in the mid 1960s working for two years alongside the legendary and visionary (but troubled) British record producer Joe Meek (subject of the 2009 Nick Moran film "Telstar"). Ted started working with Joe Meek as a session musician and backing singer at his famous independent studio in Holloway Road but became increasingly interested in the technical side of recording rather than performing himself (despite being an accomplished musician and singer in his own right). Ted subsequently developed a strong reputation as a sound engineer and produced sound recording equipment and mixing desks for radio stations, theatres and recording studios both in the UK and overseas. Ted's professional recording equipment has been supplied to many leading recording artists including The Who, Yes, Dire Straits and Elton John.